16th February 2018

What is included


What images are presented in the text?

Blackened fingers that have bad frostbite, breakfast been made on a petrol stove and that he had a voracious appetite

How do these images affect our understanding of the event, the setting and the people?

The images the are included in this text tells the reader that one of the characters has bad frost bite so the night and days before must have been cold and hard as it also states that the deep tiredness he had felt yesterday was gone. It states that he was fully recovered and he has a voracious appetite, this gives you the image that he must have been sick or injured in the past days making him have a loss of appetite. Breakfast being made on a petrol stove tells you they are currently set up in camp and its the beginning of a new day.


What specific vocabulary has been chosen to add meaning to the text?

When he states that the feeling of “deep” tiredness had gone, the word deep is telling us that he wasn’t just tired, but really tired. This vocabulary has been used to help the reader understand the situation the character is in, when he uses the words “blackened fingers” it emphasises how bad his fingers are. When he talks about his appetite he uses the word ” voracious’ giving the reader the idea that he hasn’t eaten for days. The author has chosen this vocabulary to create images in the readers minds and help them to understand the situation they are in and add meaning to the text.


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