In the text light symbolises a symbol of hope and reassurance that everything thing would be all right. ” a pillar of gold light beamed diagonally from a small hole in the roof, spraying bright reflections off the wall of the crevasse” in this section of the text the light is described as gold and to me that symbolises hope for Joe. He also describes the light with words like golden, glimmering. It makes him act without thinking as he is so focused on reaching the light.The light changes Joes perspective on things to be positive as he could see a way out however his attitude then changes when his thoughts override his hope as he realises that the light was to far away, he was no longer strong enough to make it and he also had no food or water left. The voice is symbolised in the text as a voice in Joe’s head combining all this thoughts and emotions into one, overriding his brain and controlling his actions. ” the voice was clean and sharp and demanding. It was always right, and I listened to it when it spoke and acted on it decisions”. 

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  1. Hi Lucy.
    Continue to “unpack” the symbol of “pillar of gold light” – what ideas/connotations come to mind with this image, and why might these ideas be relevant to Joe’s situation/mental state? 🙂
    * You will find it interesting how “the voice” gains dominance in the next two chapters, as Joe suffers from extreme neurosis.


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