15th October 2018

Creative Writing

The scrunching of the plastic as we sprint across the hay bales, I always used to win the races. Cows stare cautiously at us as we collapse in a heap, lambs skip and hop to their mothers for milk. Men yell at their dogs in the distance trying to move reluctant stock along the road. Strolling back to the farm house I am greeted by my puppy tail waging in circles an excited spark in her eye as she jumps up and begs me to play with her. Her black and white coat shining in the sun. The constant hum of bee’s desperately trying to pollinate each blooming flower before its taken. A lone cloud slowly made its way across the expanse of blue sky, birds glide overhead before settling on lanky trees, they begin singing their songs. The stench of silage combined with mums baking for the farmers lingers in the air creating a bizarre scent that at first smells appetising before suddenly turning awful. Gazing outside at the rolling hills and farm animals in paddocks, half falling into daydream my stare is broken as a motorbike whizzes past going so fast the rider becomes a blur in my vision.

The crunch of the gravel as we race across the drive to the truck, I no longer win the races. Voices raise as an argument arrises over who gets the front seat. The hum of the neighbours lawnmower creating an aroma of freshly cut grass clippings, steady buzzing of cars flowing past interrupts what would be piece and quite. Wandering out of the house I’m greeted by an old dog, she gradually limps towards me and nudges my leg for a pat. Her coat black and white is tinged with grey as she collapses down at my feat enjoying the sun on her back, she no longer demands me to play with her. A single butterfly gently settles on a delicate flower sunning its wings. Clouds scatter over the deep blue sky forming unusual shapes. Birds dip in and out of puddles left by sprinklers cleaning their feathers, blooming flowers make colourful patterns amongst the green garden creating a perfume like scent. Powerlines interfere with the view of soaring mountains and nearby trees, a motorbike darts past on the road its powerful noise trailing after it disturbing the silence.

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  1. Lucy, please read through this writing out loud and add the necessary punctuation (and grammar changes) where necessary. Also, consider some of the repetition in this piece E.g.”as the….” Is this necessary? Finally, when you read your piece out loud, consider additional places where you may want the writing to flow (across sentences without breaks), and where you do want to isolate ideas through shorter syntax. Well done for mirroring details in both timeframes 🙂


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